Tuesday, February 1, 2011

kak amy's wedding (29/1/11)

it was a blast !!!! it's freakin' awesome guys !!!
haha the wedding is the wedding of  the year !! ....
I jadi flower girl at kak amy's wedding so the intention is more  .... best gile !!! ;D
but there's one thing that make me feel so pissed off , mse org nk ambik renjis tu dorg ambik terabur terabur and then I yg kene mcm hujan renjis plak sbb i duduk dkt dgn renjis tu  ... aduhh nasib baik rambut still look cantik !! haha thanks to marsya because she helped me done with the hair ...
the foods are so delicious especially the lamb !! OMG , it's the bestest lamb that i ever had !!! and now every night, i asyik teringtkn lamb tu ... haish !!.... susah nk tido plak ... masalah masalah !!
but whatever it is it's still the bestest thing have happen so far this year and i'm so happy about it ...

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