Friday, January 20, 2012

for you my dear friend :)

 hyee,ok seriously aku tahu apa yg aku tulis ni maybe ada yg terasa but tbqh aku tak boleh simpan lama-lama. maybe you boleh maafkan org dgn mudah but i dah kena sekali, I tak akan ulang perkara yg boleh membuatkan i tak happy, do you really think that i like this situation that we are having right now, NO. do you know that i don't even want to to this b'cause i'm so scared of what people might think about me?, NO. but i do forgive them, when people read this, maybe they would say like" whore, get a life" but i'm just expressing what i've hold in my heart and it is been too long and i just need a place to express this feeling :)
p/s : kpd sesiapa yg baca ni sila faham yg saya hanya meluahkan isi hati saya sahaja :)
sekian terima kasih kerana sudi membaca blog saya :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

curse you !

heyooo. sorry for the late update. I was busy preparing for final exam thingy and sampai terlupa nak update blog bila dah habis exam. Muahahaha ok I got a new thing to confess,  while I was busy tumbling on tumblr, suddenly I realise that I love cursing people in "rojak bahasa" for example: GO DIE YOU ANJING KURAP !. sorry but this word is not for you. I think you should try it, it feels good tho.

p/s: actually just used that " rojak bahasa " for cursing this one anjing kurap bitch .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

open house/open shop

hye, nmpk tajuk dkt atas tu? haha mesti pelik kan kenapa ade open shop pulak sebelah ayat open house tu? hehe actually it's because me and the family are not always at home but kitaorg nk buat rumah terbuka so the best solution is buat dkt cosway *kedai franchise parent aku. But the problem here is my open shop will be held on the same day as the ARRISSA,MICHEN,SABRINA'S open house. ok f**k gile -,-' . sakit kepala memikirkan solution untuk masalah ni but then, something came up haha dah dpt idea, buat plan that's the best way to figure out from this problem. shit happens all the time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

dongwoon oppa !

hye kpop lovers ! haha I'm having the kpop fever and it feels goooodd ! OMG the beast/b2st is back and the only man that I have waiting for ages is the only one DONGWOON or his real name is son dong woon / 
손동운. HE IS MY MAN : 



Friday, July 1, 2011

updated, sorry and G-DRAGON :)

haha sorry sbb dh lame tk update blog ni , well malas and sibuk tula menyebabkan blog ni tergendala :)
so how's your day? haha mine, like always pegi hangout ngan kawan, makan, tido, tgk cerite korea and study lgi2 exam monthly dh nk dkt  so schedule pack gile ! but yg paling fun is that dpt tgk **** haha but minat dia just because muka dia mcm G-DRAGON. btw, dia dh ade girlfriend pun ... emm pffftt gile ! but it's ok I mean like I'm not desperate sgt smpi nk kenal ngan dia in person ape semua isshh memalukan je kot ! haha so buat tk thu je bile dh dpt thu dia dh ade gf .... haha tkpe tkpe sabar ayuni :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


hye!, I have a story.A stupidly and unforgettable story! [well for me of course :)]   So it all starts when this one guy ... or to make it more clearly, he's my CLASSMATE! .... well, I was the new kid at the new school ... so eventually everyone was being so nice and friendly to me and I do feel thankful for that ! BUT !!!  the problem is .... this GUY ! he is trying to flirting with me !! I mean like  ... EEEEUUUUUUUUUWWWWWW !!!! ... SO DISGUISTING ! first, he was being nice to me and we were talking ... on and on and on ... then .......... he suddenly asked me to be his GIRLFRIEND  !!! I was like .... WHAAAAAATTTTTT ??? WTH IS THIS ... and then, I said " weyh, kau tk yah la nk buat lawak !" ... then he was like ... BUAT MUKE MCM KESIAN ! WOOSSHH !! BATAK INNOCENT BTOL LA KAU NI !!. GELI LA WEYH !!!
Actually I have a vow ... my vow is NOT TO DATE A GUY  until I graduated my school. I hate dating in my early age ... I'm not  saying people who are dating while in high school was wrong in  law ... but for me, I do not need all that ... now, seeing him makes me feel awkward ... that's why I hate being a couple sooo much ... 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. Fake friends are like fallen leaves, found everywhere.

As  I was scrolling down on my tumblr ... suddenly there is a quote that makes me realise how precious is my best friends, IZZATI AND YASMIN ... they are like diamonds, they are rare to be found ... and I realise that friends are made for forever not for the time being .... so don't pick fake friends because they are easy to be found ... you can found them like fallen leaves ...